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How do I make a booking on your website?

You can complete your transfer booking online by using the booking form on the or websites. You may simply choose the date and time, the pick-up and drop-off points and  the number of passengers. If you require a return transfer you may select the “Return” and similarly choose the date and time and the pick-up and drop-off points for your return transfer. Then hit the “Find A Transfer”  button and the system will provide your transfer options and availability based on your search criteria. The system will show you the type of vehicles that fit better your needs and requirements and the cost for you transfer according to vehicle type and on-way or round-trip.

What information do I need in order to book?

In order to get a quote or to book your transfer some basic information will be required to complete the process. Date and time and the pick-up and drop-off point are the first details required. If your service is from the Airport your Flight Number and scheduled landing time will be required. The name of your accommodation will also be needed. If your service is starting from an accommodation to the Airport will will need the name of your Accommodation of which we will pick you up and you may also include your departure flight number and scheduled time.

I cannot find a route I want to book. What to do?

We have covered all most common routes based on other traveler’s requests. If your pick-up and/or drop-off points are not listed please visit the “contact us” page and fill in the contact form with your requirements and preferred route. One of our operation’s representative will get back to you by sending a custom quote and instructions on how to secure your booking if you wish to book.

Can I book a transfer with more than one stop?

Transfers booked via & are in general door-to-door or point-to-point transfers.  If any other type is service is required (ie multiple stops etc) please make sure you let us know in advance or preferably at the time of booking or send us a request via the “CONTACT US” option so to get a personalized quote.

What type of vehicle should I choose?

We have a variety of vehicles available in order to caver your needs to the best possible way. You know better than anyone your needs but if you need more details or advice please do not hesitate to get in touch and chat with us. The vehicles we can provide are from normal cars (5seaters) to larger passenger vans up to 7 or 8 passengers,  minibuses for larger groups and even coaches for up to 50 passengers.

Should I book in advance?

We would strongly advise booking your transfer is advance. Once you place your booking and you have your confirmation a vehicle is been reserved and assigned to you.   Last minute bookings can also be accommodated depending on availability and a confirmation is needed. If a last minute transfer is needed please get in touch directly with us for an immediate confirmation.

Is it better to book a Taxi transfer in advance or get a regular taxi from the taxi rank?

Booking your taxi transfer with or you can be sure that there is availability and someone will be at the Airport to meet and welcome you. Taxi services booked with us are with fixed rates depending on the destination so that you know the cost and your expenses in advance. The price dies not depend on the conditions on the route or traffic.

Booking your taxi transfer with or www.kefaloniatransfer.g, besides the convenient and fixed prices, you do not have to waste time looking for a transportation upon arrival or having to wait on a long queue for the next available taxi.


Where will I meet the driver when I arrive?

Your driver will come to pick you up from your desired location (Airport or Accommodation).

If your transfer starts at the Airport the driver will be waiting for you on the arrivals area after the baggage reclaim hall with your name printed on a sign. As the area is getting very crowded with passengers arriving and people waiting please keep an eye. Once you meet he will escort you to the vehicle and drive you directly to your destination or accommodation. Please provide as many details as possible so to be able to find your accommodation easily.

If your transfer starts from your accommodation please make sure to give us the full name of your accommodation and even more details if required. You may also include your departure flight number and scheduled departing time so be able to advice you the best pick-up time so to get to the airport on time for your flight.

My group size has changed, can I choose another vehicle?

We are always trying our best to provide as comfortable vehicle as possible for your transfer. In order to be able to achieve that and provide an adequate vehicle to meet your needs the number of passengers is important. If your group size changed after you have placed your booking please keep us updated so to be able to provide a suitable vehicle.

How long will my transfer take?

The duration of the transfer quoted are the standard journey times on a normal day with normal traffic. These times may differ slightly in high season when there is more traffic or road works affect the usual route of the journey. As these circumstances are beyond our control you will be notified if there is any anticipated delay to your journey if known in advance.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Providing that we have the full details of your flight such as the flight number and scheduled landing time, if your plight is delayed your driver will be informed about the delay and the new time. He will be at the airport for you to meet and welcome you and drive you to your destination.

Do I pay extra if my flight is delayed?

We do not charge extra if your flight is delayed and the driver has to wait for you. Providing we have your flight details on file we will be monitoring your flight and get informed about any changes.


How do I pay for my transfer?

According to our standard procedure you can book and secure your transfer, tour or excursion with & without need to pay any deposit in advance. For peach on mind you may pay directly to the driver upon arrival or at the end of your service.

We are working on activating other payment methods (ie Bank Transfer, Credit Card, PayPal) and will be available in due course. You will have the relevant options activated during the booking and payment process gradually as the service are becoming available.

What does the price include?

A one-way price will include a single journey from your arrival point to your destination.

A return (round-trip, both-ways route) price includes the return transfer to the original starting point as selected at the time of booking.

Are transfer prices per person or per vehicle?

Since the services are been provided by & are private the transfer rates, tour and excursion cost, are always per vehicle and not per person. The type of vehicle is determined by the number of passengers and the amount of luggage they carry.

Does my fare include a tip to the driver and/or guide?

No. Giving a tip to the driver and the guide is common practice but it is discretionary and completely up to you.


What are the references of my driver?

All drivers of Kefalonia Transfer ( & are professionals and fully licensed with long term experience in transportation services. They all hold a  professional driving license issued by the Government and also hold the special driver’s license issued by the Greek Ministry of Transportation. The driver will be prepared for your transfer, tour or excursion with a fixed itinerary.

What are the references of Kefalonia Transfer

Kefalonia Transfer ( & has been awarded with all licenses and meeting all requirements set by Greek Government. Is also registered with and licensed by the Greek National Tourism Organization under the license number: 0458E60000094501

What are the references of the vehicles?

All vehicles of Kefalonia Transfer ( & are fully authorized and licensed by the Greek Government and the Ministry of Transportation. They have successfully passed all MOT tests and holding the relevant documentation. All vehicles are covered by adequate insurance according to the Greek law.


Will I be charged extra if I have a lot of luggage?

We do not charge extra the luggage of the passengers and the driver will be happy toad your language into the vehicle for you. Please make sure that the size of vehicle chosen during the booking process can also accommodate your luggage. The driver will make his best to fit all luggage into the boot compartment, but if more luggage, beyond normal size and number bring, and extra vehicle is needed this can be arranged on the spot and the driver will be happy to help you on this but extra charges will be applied and you have to pay for the extra vehicle on the spot.

What if my transfer includes a child or children or infant?

Children and infants are allowed in all vehicles. Children under 12 years-old are not allowed to travel without their parents. If you need a baby seat or a booster seat during your transfer please make sure you clearly state it in your booking and notify us on time. Last minute requests for baby seats or booster seats may not be able to accomplish.

Can I also book a Tour with “Kefalonia Transfer”?

Yes. With Kefalonia Transfer ( & you can not only book you transfer service but also your Kefalonia island day trip and tour, beach tour, sightseeing tour, your night out etc. The tours can be organized with just a driver only or even with a guide. Tours can also be fixed or tailor made according to your needs and preferences. Please do not hesitate to send us a tour request via our contact form and we will be happy to discuss it further and choose the best possible tour for you.

Is smoking allowed in the vehicle during the transfer or tour?

No, smoking in not allowed in the vehicle at all times during the transfer and tour.

Is the transfer service direct or do we stop along the way?

The transfers services provided by Kefalonia Transfer ( and are all door-to-door private transfers, leading you directly to your desired destination unless arranged otherwise. No shared services and no shuttle services are provided by “Kefalonia Transfer”.

Is the “Kefalonia Transfer” transfer service private or do we share with other travelers?

Transfer services, tours and excursions booked with Kefalonia Transfer ( & are all private to the group that is placing the booking according to the number of passengers entered into the booking form and not sharing with other travelers even if they are doing to the same destination.

Can I carry pets in the transfer vehicle?

It is possible to provide transportation of pets but only if they are accompanied and only if they are properly placed in their suitable and approved travel boxes and depending on the vehicle type put in the cargo hold of the vehicle. This service is only after confirmation so please let us know in advance. Failing to notify us well in advance may result the driver to refuse.

I cannot find answer to my question or I need more information, what should I do?

If you cannot find  an answer to your question, or if you have more questions or if you need more infomation regarding transfer services, vehicles, tours and excursion or anything else at all please do not hesitate to contact and customer support team by completing the “CONTACT US” form by visiting